Full board may vote on issue at October 12 Attica Twp. meeting


ATTICA TWP. — Another large group of concerned citizens piled in to the Attica Township Planning Commission meeting last Thursday evening to voice their continued concerns of a potential new gas station being constructed in the area of Newark and Lake Pleasant Rd.

The meeting was mainly a public hearing in which the township’s planning commission would consider a special land use request along with a site plan review for a gasoline filling station and drive through restaurant.

Bazco Oil Holdings had presented plans to the planning commission and the township board earlier this year, in hopes of developing more than 13 acres of property on the western side of the township for the new business.

Concerned Attica Township residents spent nearly two hours voicing their concerns to the planning commission regarding a proposed gas station at the corner of Lake Pleasant and Newark. The commission eventually voted to reject the Special Land Use permit request.

Bazco Oil Holdings first began in 1988 and is based in New Haven, Michigan. According to company officials, they currently employ around 400 people and try to hire both part-time and full-time employees from within the community.

The original plans had called for a shower facility for truck drivers, along with a convenience store and space for a drive through business, although fast food businesses had not yet inquired about the potential availability.

At last week’s meeting, company officials and an engineer told the planning commission they had scaled back their original request for the business and truck filling pumps by 56%.

They are now only seeking 22 parking spots and five diesel pumps for semi-trucks and other large vehicles.

Company officials said they did not have, nor intend to have, the amenities of a Love’s Truck Stop (near Capac) or a Pilot Truck Stop (located in Port Huron Township).

Plans presented also showed parking and charging spots for 15 electric automobiles along with 60 regular parking spots for cars, vans and pickup trucks.

Representatives of Bazco Oil holdings assured the audience and board members that there would not be overnight parking allowed by truckers, rather stop to fill their rigs and move on down the road.

They did acknowledge there was little in the way of enforcement of overnight parking that anyone could effectively do.

During Bazco’s presentation, Engineer Cory Mabery said there is an area around 60 feet x 300 feet x 8feet deep that has contaminated soil from a previous business and would have to be remediated.

Residents who spoke to the planning commission said they don’t want to see diesel pumps or large semi trucks come to the township.

Residents also pointed out they moved to Attica Township for the quiet, community-minded atmosphere and didn’t want to have commercial trucks using Lake Pleasant Rd.

Still others spoke of perceived property values decreasing if the business was allowed in the township.

While resident comments became angry at times and directed at company officials rather than the planning commission, Attorney Mike Gildner reminded the crowd comments were to be directed to the board–not Bazco representatives.

Once residents had finished with their comments, the board discussed the issue before voting 5-1 to recommend turning down the new, revised plans by Bazco Oil Holdings.

The regular township board meeting is scheduled for October 12. The board may take up the issue once again, after learning of the planning commission recommendation.