Coffee! Where’s my coffee? It’s a phrase often asked (yelled?) when people are seeking their java fix for the day.

While I may not be quite that bad, I do look for my coffee shortly after beginning my mornings and it’s almost always ready for consumption.

What a wonderful holiday, National Coffee Day is.

Certainly it is a day to be celebrated! I have a variety of coffee mugs, like many of you do, and also enjoy the tasty treat in my favorite Yeti that keeps it hot for nearly an entire day.

While we always keep a certain brand of java in our home ready for the Mr. Coffee machine to do its daily duty, there has been other brands and flavors of the luscious liquid that I have tried over the years.

According to coffee experts, coffee isn’t just a beverage that perks us up. It actually helps our brains produce dopamine and adrenaline, improving our memories (I’m all for that!).

Studies show that regular coffee consumption can reduce the likelihood of developing dementia by as much as 65%.

While national Coffee Day is celebrated on different dates for different countries, for our friends in Costa Rica, it is a day to celebrate everything coffee related.

Costa Rican coffee is regarded as among the best in the world.

Meanwhile, coffee production in Brazil is responsible for around a third of all coffee consumed, so they too get a special day to celebrate the drink.

Some interesting points of information that I didn’t know until stumbling across it while researching one of my favorite beverages, around 75% of the caffeine that is consumed by Americans comes as coffee. Nearly 67% of women drink coffee every day while 62% of men find the need to drink at least one coffee every day.

Even more amazing to me was the fact that a coffee plant can live up to 100 years, Brazil exports nearly six billion pounds of coffee every year, the average

American drinks just over three cups of coffee every day and the real kickers; 400 million coffees are consumed throughout America every day while 146 billion coffees are consumed in America each year. How cool is that?

National Coffee Day encourages folks to gather at their favorite coffee shop for the conversation as well as the java. After all, that was the original function of coffee houses from as early as the 1700s.

In England, coffee houses were dubbed “penny universities” because for the cost of a penny, one could drink a strong coffee and find intelligent, engaging conversation.

Still, coffee shops are known across America as the place where many conversations are settled over “coffee shop fodder.”

In England, early coffee houses, increasingly known as “Schools for the Wise,” became gathering places for intellectual pursuits, entertainment and table games, like chess.

A hot spring spa in Japan gives you the option to soak in a coffee bath, along with 26 other choices including red wine, sake or green tea. Now, there is some knowledge to store away for a later time!

Coffee makes us feel good first thing in the morning and it makes use of all our senses. We love that deep brown or black color because the richer the color, the more flavorful the brew.

Grinding the beans and inhaling the earthy smell of the grounds as we brew is all part of our daily ritual.

At the end, we’re rewarded with the sensuous taste of a good, strong cup of joe to get you going for the rest of the day!

Now that coffee has gone “designer,” it’s easier than ever to get your coffee buzz on. Thanks to Seattle, America’s coffee capital, coffee caters to people in the biggest cities and in the smallest towns.

From the classic Dunkin’ Donuts to Starbucks or Tim Hortons, you can always satisfy your coffee craving while away from your coffee pot at home.

So, get out and enjoy your favorite cup of java this week. Celebrate National Coffee Day! It’s what keeps some of us from going insane and saves anyone who stumbles into our daily path from feeling the wrath of those of us who have not had coffee yet.

Cheers and Bottoms Up!!

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