Alleged threats to other students being investigated


IMLAY CITY — Quick action by school officials and the Imlay City police department helped defuse a threatening situation last week at an elementary school.

According to the Imlay City police department, the School Resource Officer officer responded to Borland Elementary School on W. Borland, after receiving reports of a student making alleged threats against other students.

Officials with the Imlay City Police Department say an investigation has been opened on the student, after they were made aware of an incident earlier in the school day.

Authorities say at no time were any students or staff determined to be in any danger. School safety protocols in relation to the handling of the student and the situation due to the accusation of threatening language, were being followed.

Per school district protocol, administrators began their investigation and removed the student from a classroom, after the incident was brought to their attention.

Imlay City police confirmed the fifth grader was taken out of class from Borland Elementary on Wednesday, after the student allegedly made threatening statements toward other students.

Imlay City Police Chief Brett Selby issued a press release shortly after noon Tuesday regarding the incident.

“On Wednesday, September 13, it was alleged that a 5th grade student made a concerning statement to a classmate that was perceived as threatening. It was reported by a student immediately. The student who allegedly made the statement was immediately removed from class, and subsequently, the building by an administrator, as our investigation ensued.’

The press release went on to say, “The district initiated our credible threat assessment process and determined that the student’s comment was threatening in nature, although it was also determined that the student had no immediate intent to harm anyone, and no means by which to do so. Even so, the district has placed the student in a behavioral threat assessment protocol, which involves school personnel, the student’s caretakers, and is followed with a disciplinary/intervention recommendation to the Superintendent. “

Chief Selby continued, “Regardless of intent, Imlay City Schools holds students accountable for these types of statements. It is the policy of the schools to take immediate and appropriate action in regards to these situations. The Imlay City Police and School Resource Officer were also contacted in regards to this incident. As is the case with the district, the Police take any language that can be construed as threatening very seriously. Outside of school consequences can, and should be, severe in cases of potentially threatening language.”

Along with the alleged incident, Chief Selby said in the wake of the investigation, some students have engaged in spreading a number of rumors regarding the incident, which obviously caused anxiety and concern to others, and have resulted in false reports.

“To make clear: no individual student was targeted with a direct threat,” Chief Selby said. “There were no lists, weapons, nor disruptive items found in possession of the student, nor were any found on school property. No actions were taken that were harmful to students; these were, however, incredibly hurtful, and inappropriate statements and were perceived as threatening.”

The Chief said Imlay City Schools and the Imlay City Police Department wanted to take this opportunity to communicate to children:

•We encourage students to report statements and actions of concern, immediately, to a trusted adult.

•Student-to-student rumors or speculation impair our ability to address certain situations in a timely a fashion as we desire.

•Please remember that an anonymous reporting platform exists in every Imlay City School building. It is intended for these types of reports.

•Students and parents may also use the OK2SAY website, phone number 8-555-OK2SAY or text to OK2SAY to report concerns.

In concluding his remarks, Chief Selby stated, “Finally, the Imlay City Schools and the Imlay City Police Department want to thank our Borland parents for your patience and understanding as we work through difficult situations like this one. We want to commend the Imlay City students and parents who communicated their concerns immediately to the district and the police.

According to the district’s student handbook and school policy, any student who uses threatening language is subject to serious disciplinary measures up to and including expulsion from school.

Police continue to work with school officials in the investigation.