Dear Editor,

Let’s take it as a given that the Biden administration is an abject failure. He is clearly mentally diminished and likely in the early stages of senile dementia. That alone should prevent any voter for supporting him. But look at where he has taken this country. His border/immigration policy is a disaster. Even far left progressive mayors and governors in sanctuary cities and states are loudly complaining about the untenable conditions in their cities and states as result the influx of illegal immigrants.

The real wages of workers that increased 5% during the Trump administration are down by 9% under Biden. A 14% swing that is unfavorable.

Inflation remains a serious issue and interest rates on home mortgages are nearly 8% when they were in the 3% range during the Trump years. Gas prices are nearly $4.00/gallon, up about $2.00 since Trump.

Crime is rampant in the major cities of this nation with liberal mayors and prosecutors doing little or nothing about it. The Democratic Party’s mantra appears to be “criminals…good, police…evil.”

Parents are being excluded from the education of their children as Democratically run school boards believe the parents have no role regarding their child’s education. The willingness of liberals to promote the transgender agenda in the educational system while keeping the information secret from parents is incredibly destructive to the lives of young kids. Democrats promote and defend biological males who wish to participate in women’s sports, go into women’s locker rooms and restrooms.

To date Biden has spent 17 trillion dollars. 17 trillion. Our national debt well exceeds 33 trillion dollars. This is unsustainable.

The streets of the major cities are inundated with homeless encampments. Great cities have been turned into cesspools of drug usage, tents on sidewalks and in public parks, human defecation on the sidewalks and garbage build up that replicates third world cities. These cities are all run by Progressive Democrats in the image of Joe Biden.

The corruption of the F.B.I. and the Justice Department as evidenced by its abject failure to investigate the grifting of the Biden family and its willingness to turn a blind eye to clear evidence of criminal behavior of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and others in the Biden family has brought a complete lack of trust in these institutions.

There are many more similar problems but one does not need to specify them as the above are more than enough to justify a wholesale change in Washington D.C.

If Biden is re-elected nothing will change other than the problems will worsen. In all likelihood a vote for Biden really means a vote for Kamala Harris as president as his ability to finish a second term or to actually function as president for a second term is doubtful. It’s questionable who is really running the White House now.

I want to win. Plain and simple. Thus I don’t think Donald Trump can be the Republican nominee and accomplish the goal. Trump lost the suburban women vote and the independent vote by about 14% in the last election. What has taken place that would give MAGA Republicans confidence that 14% would change its vote and support Trump in 2024? I suggest there is nothing and there is a lot (Jan. 6th, his facing criminal charges, his imprudent statements) that would encourage those voters to support the Democratic nominee.

Thus I urge my fellow conservatives and Republicans to support someone other than Donald Trump in the Republican primary. Almost any one of those currently seeking the nomination, other than Trump, can likely defeat Biden or any other nominee of the Democratic Party. Let’s win the election, control congress and undue all of the destructive policies of the Biden administration plus clean out the corruption inside the Beltway.

— John L. Lengemann
Imlay City