Dear Editor,

You are driving down the road when you approach a slow moving vehicle and there are three cars coming towards you in the opposing lane. Do you A) step on the gas and pass the vehicle forcing the oncoming traffic off the road, B) tap the brakes then pass the vehicle forcing oncoming traffic off the road or C) do you slow down to the speed of the slow moving vehicle and be patient and wait for the oncoming traffic to pass you by, then pass the vehicle?

Most people are in a hurry and just don’t care. Probably 45% of people will choose A and 45% of people will choose B. But less than 10 percent will obey the law and choose C. So, let’s be careful out there and “Give ‘em a Brake.”!!

In particular, I am thankful for the new flashing light on Van Dyke (near Borland) alerting drivers of the fire department when they are responding to a call.

However, further down the road on Van Dyke, on the northwest corner of Newark, there needs to be additional signage at the light, in the far right lane that it is a right turn only lane.

There have been many near misses when traffic is trying to go south on Van Dyke and have to avoid cars pulling out in front of them from the gas station or restaurants.

We need to have better signage for those pulling out, to make them aware of what the particular lanes are for.

Thank you,
— Mark F. Cromas