Suspect arrested while at work


IMLAY CITY — The Imlay City Police Department has made an arrest in connection with an alleged rape case involving an Imlay Township man and a 20-year-old victim.

Police Chief Brett Selby called the suspect an “habitual predatory rapist” who allegedly has assaulted the same victim multiple times.

Chief Selby reported, “On 08/14/2023 at approximately 16:00 hours, Imlay City Police Officers including Detective Greg Hadfield wasted no time in investigating and arresting what amounts to a habitual predatory rapist who committed a list of sexual assault charges against a 20-year-old victim of Imlay City.”

Imlay City police escort Michael Charles-Lee McFadden to a patrol car following his arrest in an alleged rape case.

In a press release, the Chief identified the suspect as Michael Charles-Lee McFadden, 40, of Imlay Township who was arrested by officers late Monday on five counts of sexual battery which include:

• 1 count of criminal sexual conduct 1st degree-felony life in prison or any number of years.

• 2 counts of criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree-felony-15 years in prison.

• 1 count of criminal sexual conduct 4th degree-misdemeanor- two years in prison.

• 1 count of assault to do great bodily harm less than murder-felony 10 years in prison.

McFadden was arrested at work while employed by Hickory Square Apartments in Imlay City which is owned by NuHorizon Properties, LLC in Lapeer, MI.

Chief Selby said when McFadden’s information was put into Google by the police department, the following information came up first in the Google search under the name Michael Charles-Lee McFadden from the an area newspaper dated April 2022: Michael Charles-Lee McFadden, pled no contest to two counts: assault-aggravated. Seven other counts: counts 1-4, criminal sexual conduct-1st, person under 13; counts five, criminal sexual conduct third degree, person 13-15 years old; counts 6-7, criminal sexual conduct second degree, person under 13. Sentenced to: counts 7-8 concurrent jail terms 365 days with credit for 46 days served; fines and costs $1,128.60.

McFadden was hired by NU Horizon Properties, LLC as a maintenance worker in February of this year and listed himself as “Mike McFadden” on his job application, according to police.

Chief Selby said police discovered McFadden answered a question on a job application, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Yes, or no? McFadden answered “yes” but then further stated in the notes; “Just a misdemeanor.”

However, no further notes were put on the application by the hiring body as follow-up as to what misdemeanor’s McFadden was convicted of, the Chief said.

“Clearly a background check was never completed on McFadden either by a paid third-party company or even a Google search” said Chief Selby.

He went on to state, “McFadden was simply hired without restriction to have free access and free reign complete with master keys to all apartments on the premises.”


The investigation showed another question on McFadden’s application asked: have you ever been administratively determined by federal, state, or local governmental agency to have committed abuse or neglect?

Chief Selby said McFadden stated “no, adding “Even if McFadden did not know or understand what “Administratively Determined” meant, the hiring body, NuHorizon Properties should have and investigated further.”

According to police, Administrative Determination means the determination reached by a commission pursuant to the investigative findings made, and legal conclusions drawn, following an investigation.

After his arrest, McFadden was given a $250,000 bond in the 71-A District Court in Lapeer and a preliminary court date of August 28 at 2p.m.

Chief Selby said McFadden was placed on suspension by NuHorizon Properties.

The Chief stated, “The Imlay City Police Department wishes to commend the victim in this case for their bravery in coming forward to report this crime and we are working with the prosecutor’s office to extend all the resources available to the victim.”

The Imlay City Police Department is asking if there are any other victims to please call Detective Greg Hadfield at the Imlay City Police Department at 810-724-2345 or

If you are a victim of sexual assault there are resources available through the Child Advocacy Center and LC Safe at 810-664-9990 or you can send them a message through the Child Advocacy Center website at: