Dear Editor,

A group of everyday Americans, fulfilling their civic duty by serving on a grand jury, reviewed mountains of evidence and determined there was enough proof of wrongdoing to bring four criminal charges against Donald Trump, including conspiracy to defraud our country and impede on our right to vote.

There can be no more serious crime than a conspiracy to overturn the foundation of our democracy itself. It’s shameful how many MAGA Republicans are now rushing to defend Trump instead of standing up for our democracy and our freedom to vote. Many of them are trying to rewrite history, so it’s important to understand what Trump is accused of and why it matters.

According to the indictment, Trump deliberately lied about voter fraud and pressured local officials to illegally overturn election results and manufacture fake slates of electors. When Vice President Mike Pence refused to toss out the legitimate results and count fake electoral votes, Trump incited an attack on our Capitol in a last ditch attempt to stop the certification of the election and cling to power.

These are serious charges. Our elected leaders of all parties must allow the trial to unfold without political interference and let a jury of everyday Americans do their job. No one is above the law, and Trump should be treated like everyone else and held accountable for his crimes against our country.

— Deborah Idyle