Dear Editor,

Sometimes politicians amaze me. Maybe I should say mystify me. Actually I should say be careful of what you wish for, or rather expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed. Reading the Tri-City Times informed me that Capac Schools have a fund balance issue. If not corrected the State will step in and run it. During the pandemic money flowed like water into schools and governments across the country. Schools had extra money to spend and did. But now the buzzards have come home to roost; things aren’t pretty. Cutbacks in programs and staff have to be made to bring their fund balance to state required levels or else!!

Wait a minute! Didn’t the state just spend a $9 billion fund surplus from Federal money in the 2023-24 budget? What is their surplus? I have read maybe $150,000 What per cent of $9 billion is that? Remember “Do onto others as you wish them do onto you.” What happened? Politicians blew it on pork, pork, pork. And created 1000 plus permanent jobs that will need new taxes. But hang onto your hats as Michigan government is coming down on Capac and probably other schools. But who will come down on the State of Michigan over frivolity in spending?

— David Naeyaert