Dear Editor,

Last week’s letter about corruption hit the nail on the head. This writer listed a number of problems in this country, and pointed out how the Democrats are quick to condemn Trump for all of them. However, when those in their own party commit the same crimes, or worse, it’s OK.

The following letter, about Climate Change is a perfect example. This writer lists three columns of climate change issues. Why not leave it at that? Instead, he has to mention Trump and his followers. They had nothing to do with climate change. The climate has been changing since the beginning of time. If this writer is so concerned about climate change, is he doing his part? Is he driving an electric vehicle, does he have an electric stove, an electric hot water heater. Does he heat his house with an all-electric furnace? Does he pollute the air by burning wood in his fireplace or having campfires? When his power goes out, how does he power his generator. Until he completely gives up polluting the air, he has no right to speak of other people’s common sense. He needs to look at himself first.

— Wally Maslowsky