I went to church on Sunday. Once home I always, well not always, but usually search my calendar as to what is coming up the next week. Not that I am a social butterfly, more like a homebound repeating rifle…you’re laughing right? Well to those of you who are not laughing, you probably don’t know me as well as you should. I am responsible for the vegetable garden, a 24’ x 23’ space of vitamins, minerals and dirt. Then there are my four flower beds that surround the house. There is a cat or two who comes and goes and needs to be fed, bills are to be paid, clothes to be washed, car to be cleaned, dishes to be washed, meals to be cooked, flower pots to be turned and watered, porch to be swept, groceries to be bought, fans to be cleaned, windows to be washed as well as mirrors—thank goodness my spouse cuts the grass.

So the week was pretty mundane and I had a ladies luncheon to attend on Tuesday, with Giselle and Franceska. This luncheon started out small with six or eight women about three years ago, slowed down during Covid, and now has 17 women. Hard to find an eatery that seats 17, so we can see each other and talk. But this week Giselle had an extra day off babysitting, so we were going to E.G. Nick’s for lunch.

Much to my surprise on Monday morning my husband yelled, “Franceska is here.” “O.K.” I yelled back, always ready to take a break. I ran out the door to greet her, saw she was dressed up and not getting out of the car, “Was I suppose to be ready for something, are we going out?” I stated. “Well, yes,” she replied, did you forget about the ladies lunch???” “But I thought that was on Tuesday,” I replied. Franceska was out of the car now, and slowly coming to the porch, “I thought today was Monday,” I said, “I went to church yesterday, that was Sunday”. “I went to church too”, she exclaimed, “so this must be Monday.” “Yup, it is,” I said. Well come in anyway and we can talk.”We just laughed and laughed—”pick you up tomorrow,” were her parting words.

Tuesday proved to be another beautiful Michigan day, and Franceska was early, as our friend D was sick with a bad sinus infection, and needed someone to step in and greet all the ladies (I use the term loosely) for the lunch. That turned out good and we had a glass of tea while waiting and met our waitress (a very good one). Lunch turned out to be great at E.G. Nick’s, the bread sticks were sooooo good, as were the soups, salads and sandwiches everyone ordered. Good job D.

Wednesday we went to the show (in spite of all the weather warnings) to see Sound of Freedom. Franceska, Giselle and I all cried a little, but came out madder than hornets about the cover up that has been going on all these years—about not being told by the powers that be how many children are missing, never to be returned home. About how far flung the mechanism is that steals children only to sell them into degrading, filthy, sexually oriented, places where they become slaves to criminals you can never imagine exist.

Go see the movie, I strongly urge you. You will be smarter, better prepared, intimidated, worried, cautious, aware, mad, curious, bitter, and sorry, so very sorry, for the children. This film rouses in you the emotion you thought you could never have, to cut off the head of the ones who do this to the most vulnerable under our care—the children. Yes, you read it right. To put the evil ones in the same places as the children they stole is not enough.

Make everyone you know aware of this movie. Thank you for reading this. Now go see Sound of Freedom!

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