Franceska, Giselle, and I had not been OUT for awhile, as Franceska had to see her new great grandson and Giselle and I had huge gardens to attend to. Giselle and I both have our gardens hot wired for the beautiful but hungry interlopers (deer) with babies now, but it sure doesn’t stop the damn weeds!!! Thank heaven for the short but sweet rains we got, it really helps to pull weeds when the ground is soft. We talk about rain sometimes. How happy we are to get it, how much it can rain in one 6 hour time frame, how the farmers are happy, how glad we are that after three days of rain we still do not have to build an Ark. Amen.

So getting back to getting out…Franceska told us about a place in Metamora that had recently opened up, a B-Q joint, with ice cream also. When you say Metamora to a woman around here, she thinks about the White Horse for lunch, and the cute antiques store and the mercantile store across from the White Horse which has a bit of this and that, but always fun to go in.

We drove to Metamora, searched around, Giselle finally googled and found it to be on M24, so we went there, by now pretty hungry. Nice place from the outside, plus a huge gazebo type structure with lots of tables and chairs and large wooden games like tic, tac, toe and corn hole, among others. BUT… upon entering we see the side that should be serving lunch is dark….the lady at the ice cream counter informed us that they only serve lunch Thursday thru Sunday….. wonderful….so we drove to the diner on the east side of M24 and had a pretty decent lunch. Then back to get some ice cream…..I paid for mine with a card and didn’t really notice the cost. Once home I had to enter it in my checkbook and found ice cream is ala carte.What I mean is, at Baileys, you pay $1.99 for the cone itself and for a baby cone its $5.49, so a baby cone is $7.48. I will say that the “baby” cone is way to big if that is truly what you want. I could not eat it all and had to throw some away. But it was very good ice cream. Franceska got her ice cream in a bowl. So she saved a bit. It’s been awhile since I had ice cream out, but if this is the cost everywhere, I feel sorry for parents who have a few kids. Lesson learned, it’s not like it wasn’t posted on the wall, I just didn’t know the cone was extra.

It ended up being a beautiful Michigan day– blue skies, white puffy clouds, no rain, and back roads calling our name. I missed Five Lakes Road, settled for Lake George off Dryden Road, to Newark Road, it was a nice ride. Folks out cutting the lawn, washing windows and cars. It was a good feeling as we drove this country road. Huge trees surrounded every house, some with ponds, others clearly landscaped with a flourish, fun to drive around and just look at everything. We are so lucky, is what we were thinking, to live in the USA, where we can do just as we please. We can go to any church we want, any school we choose, join any organization we need to, watch any news program we like, read the daily news or listen to it on the radio. We can talk to our neighbors, to strangers, all without fear of any kind. We can ride our horse, walk our dog, push a stroller, jog, lay out on the lawn, play outside, once again without fear. But we speak of FEAR, in hushed tones, in our homes, to our friends, our family, and we are always thankful that we are where we are,doing what we are doing, and we pray for those that can’t– that is the American Way. Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great week, we are looking forward to investigating a new eatery in Davison next week, stay tuned.

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