Dear Editor,

It is becoming very depressing to watch or read national news. It seems that all one sees or hears about is corruption in our government or our formerly revered institutions.

Watching the hearing held last week where two IRS whistleblowers testified is an example. Not one Democrat had any interest in what the whistleblowers had to say. All they wanted to do was bloviate about Donald Trump and how evil he is. One would think that when career agents say they were stymied by U.S. Attorneys from following the trail regarding Hunter Biden and his tax evasion or when a U.S. Attorney told them he didn’t have authority to bring charges where he needed, congressmen would be concerned. Not the Democrats. Nothing to see here.

How did the U.S. Attorney allow the statute of limitations to expire on felony violations of tax evasion by Hunter Biden? Why did the FBI sit on the report by a trusted confidential informant that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden demanded 5 million dollars each to have Joe Biden exercise his influence and have a Ukrainian prosecutor fired from his job? How did Hunter Biden get such a sweetheart plea deal that you or I would never get in a million years?

Why is there no interest in the Department of Justice regarding the claim by a former business partner of Hunter Biden that Chinese money was going to the Bidens, including the “big guy” Joe Biden in exchange for political influence?

Why did the FBI allow to go unchallenged the claim by 51 former intelligence officials that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation when they knew it was not but instead was genuine? What consequences has attended those who made this claim? Nothing and nothing will ever happen.

The national media have no interest in “following the money” as regards the Bidens despite knowing that they organized about 20 limited liability companies (LLC) that have no business purpose but simply laundered money.

On the other side of the coin the Justice Department, together with state prosecutors, have an insatiable appetite to prosecute Donald Trump and those who support him. The prosecutions may have merit though I am skeptical. But it makes little difference. If Trump committed crimes, so be it. What is wrong is there is no interest pursuing crimes when it is Democrats and their fellow travelers who are committing them.

Clearly there is now two systems of justice in this country. That is wrong. It has shaken the faith in our institutions and that is not good for the long term health of this nation.

The citizens need to say “enough” and throw out of office those who are allowing this corruption to exist and continue. The Department of Justice and the FBI need a thorough housecleaning and those with political agendas need to be fired.

Vote accordingly in the next election.

— John L. Lengemann
Imlay City