Dear Editor,

The Annual Capac High School Reunion was held this year on June 25 at Holly Meadows Golf Course. Thirty-nine alumni were in attendance along with four guests that enjoyed the buffet meal. Since our last reunion we sadly have lost 33 of our alumni that we know of plus a teacher, a teacher assistant and a bus driver. Capac Community Schools Superintendent Jeff Terpenning attended and addressed the crowd, thanking everyone for the passing of the bond last fall and letting us know what was happening in our schools and answered questions. He brought with him Capac High School shirts, travel cups, briefcases, and glasses that he donated as door prizes that eight lucky alumni got to take home with them.

A big thank you to the Capac Schools Superintendent for providing the postage for the 378 invitations that Chairwoman Martha (Brancheau) Niemczura sent out. She also sent invitations to 125 email addresses and is always in search of more addresses of alumni from all of the classes; old and present classes too. If you know of any, please email her at She would greatly appreciate it. You can also follow us on the Facebook alumni website. CAPACIAN.

Thank you to Ron Kriesch, Capac Alumni class of 1966, of the Capac Historical Society for letting us borrow the yearbooks to display. We were able to have yearbooks of most of those classes that attended. Also,thanks to the Capac High School for letting us take plaques to display at the reunion. We had plaques of Alumni athletes that attended the reunion. Anyone wanting to donate Capac High School (CHS) memorabilia, let Martha know. We will be glad to add it to our collection.

Verna Doty class of 1942 was our oldest alumni present (61 years graduated), she was given a CHS drinking glass. Jim Bolday class of 1973 was given a CHS briefcase for celebrating 50 years graduated. David Stroman was also given a CHS briefcase for being the youngest alumni in attendance from the class of 1990. The farthest person to come to the reunion this year was Jake Bishop class of 1964 from Florida. He received a bottle of water, a Readers Digest and a CHS travel cup for his journey home. We had alumni travel from South Carolina, Arizona and from all over Michigan.

Co-Chairwoman Cindy (Jurn) Potter gave out a few gag gifts to our alumni that attended the reunion. Frank Kocis, class of 1958, who is always on hand to help setup and take down for us, quoted in his senior yearbook “Active, as the day is long.” So, he received some Energizer batteries and a CHS travel cup. Sherri (Glombowski) Hollenbeck, class of 1967, was an exchange student to the Netherlands as was Cindy (Jurn) Potter, so Cindy gave Sherri a figurine of a Dutch boy and girl. Mary (McLaren) Klug class of 1967 married Wynn Klug, a CHS Alumni so she received Sweetarts. Alice (Ahler) Gordert, class of 1967, is a wonderful baker, so she received a spatula, never can have enough of them! Carol Sharpe, class of 1977, while in school got perfect attendance, she received a CHS glass.

Our Guess Jar winners were: Sherri (Walker) Kavanagh (class of 1965) the cheeseball jar, and Pat Bolday (class of 1981) the pretzel jar. The class with the most attendance at this year’s reunion was the class of 1967, so each received dinner and a movie (a box of macaroni & cheese and a CD movie.)

Martha and I want to thank everyone for coming and all those that helped us. We hope you enjoyed your afternoon and we look forward to seeing more alumni on June 23, 2024. The Alumni reunion is always held the fourth Sunday in June.

— Capac High School Alumni Reunion