Dear Editor,

Erroneous thinking on Supreme Court decisions abounds.

• Student Debt Relief is a misnomer. No one forced students to get loans and there is no reason why taxpayers should get stuck with their debt. I put my self through school by working and via the GI Bill-no debt to contend with. These people need to accept responsibility for their actions.

• No special treatment need or should be given to minorities for school admission. The left seem to want special treatment for everyone. We should be color blind; merit over race. It’s how society functions.

• Americans have been forced to cope with an invasion on our southern border; epidemic of drug overdoses as a result, AND it’s placed a tremendous burden on our the welfare systems in many states.

We need to STOP the welfare wagon; STOP our ludicrous ‘anchor baby’ policy which gives illegals the key to our welfare system.

Both parties are guilty of incompetence but under the current administration, things have become a national disaster.

— Bruce David
Imlay City