To the Editor:

I buy the Tri-City Times religiously. I’m an avid reader and simply enjoy reading the articles, usually written with tact and maybe a sense of humor, if appropriate.

I read the article about a man in his 30s involved in a serious crash that ran in the June 29 issue of Tri-City Times. I read it not once, not twice, but, three times. The third time slowly.

It is written a 30-year-old man was seriously injured in this crash. A passerby had to free him because he was unconscious. It is also written this 30-year-old man was still hospitalized with life threatening injuries. Life threatening. The next paragraph states the other passengers were not injured and declined medical treatment.

Here’s where my dismay begins, four paragraphs later, it is stated, according to majorleague, the pro fisherman and his wife were traveling back from his practicing for an upcoming tournament.

How is this, in the slightest important? Then, it goes on to state who it’s presented by, where it will be held and his vehicle was totaled and his boat “severely” damaged at best.

How is this relevant? The whole last paragraph just comes across as insensitive and completely unnecessary.

There’s a man in the hospital with life threatening injuries, but the uninjured motorist—who happens to be a pro fisherman has a totaled vehicle and his boat has been damaged!

Let’s keep things in perspective people! These may be the facts, but I believe it is a lack of integrity and irrelevant information to include them.

—Don Johnson