Dear Editor,

This section of the paper is my favorite. I really enjoy reading letters from angry people venting. Often, without all the facts.

Recently a writer wrote that we should reinstate the assault weapons ban. Why? It didn’t work. The gun he is referring to is simply a rifle that looks like a military assault weapon. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, these look-alike guns were responsible for only 22 percent of mass shootings. Removing these guns from legal owners will not stop the bad guys from getting theirs.

Another writer wrote about a questionable library book. Every religious person knows God created man, and God created woman. He didn’t make anything in between. If they don’t know what they are, maybe, before they step into the shower, they should step in front of a mirror. I don’t care to read about the character, this writer spoke of. These books do not belong in our libraries or schools.

Last week’s paper had two conflicting stories about Trump. One mentioned all the good things he did while in office, and the other was an excited Democrat, that couldn’t tell you one thing Biden did good, but was happy to hear Trump was indicted. For some reason Hillary and Biden doing the same is okay. Meanwhile, they continue to support Biden’s policies. Maybe if a few illegals came to stay with them, they would change their minds.

A few weeks ago, State Representative Jamie Greene, introduced a bill (HB4546) to discourage men from competing in women’s sports. Why did this take so long? Everybody knows the skeletal and muscle structure of a man is larger than that of a woman, and makes fair competition impossible. For those in-between folks, wanting to compete in sports, why not create a separate group. We can have men, women, and trans. Maybe, when the men in woman’s clothing realize they will lose their advantage, we will see fewer of them. In the meantime, stop calling yourself transgender, unless you are willing to get a breast implant and remove your penis. Otherwise, you are still a man, looking for attention while wearing a dress. Save it for Halloween.

Every week, I look forward to this papers’ interesting articles, and letters. Keep them coming.

— Wally Maslowsky