Dear Editor,

In response to two of the subjects in your latest editions, I find the best time to add comments would be now.

First off dear folks out there, let me say a very loud and sincere “Thank You” to the Police Chief, in Imlay City, for trying to get new traffic lights put up in Imlay City! The flow of vehicles has definitely increased over the past several years on M53 but, unfortunately the speed limit seems to have little impact. Accidents and deaths are happening way too frequently, especially by the one main grocery store, Kroger. One or even two traffic lights are, indeed, necessary to save lives. How many more people need to die or get hurt before things get fixed?

It is often not only difficult, but a challenge to get in and out of Kroger, (the main grocery store in Imlay–or I might add any of those stores in that plaza. even Choice One Bank). It is my hope MDOT will not delay any longer, the loss of lives is depending on this decision, we should not wait for more accidents on M53 or, for more people to lose their lives. Life is precious and is not to be taken for granted!!

With traffic lights folks can get in the shops and not have the challenge of opposing traffic, nor the worry of getting in and out safely. Lights may also give the police a chance to focus on other important issues and protect and serve in other places needed in town.

In the meantime, folks slow down. M53 is not a racetrack. Thanks Chief!

— Theresa Orlowski
Goodland Township