Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on last week’s letter “Divided with little chance”.

On the subject of Donald J. Trump, one can truly say he was and still is a man who took the job of being the president extremely seriously. It wasn’t a game to him but a duty to God and country. A duty that seemed, oddly enough, a great thing, not shunned or twisted. This spirit of duty and the love of that duty to God and country rubbed off on so many Americans who went to his rallies, actually saw him or actually heard him. Donald J Trump has a style and a certain way about him. Yet we hear many liked and others did not due to the way he worded things. Always honest in his speeches and no matter what, the flag was always behind him or near this guy somewhere–the American flag, “Ole Glory” as it was once called, our Grand Old Flag.

We see now, very few American flags flying, the spirit of patriotism has gone into a spin of quietness and the world watches as Trump gets booted, tossed around and degraded in our land. I can say the USA is not the same without Donald Trump in the lead in the White House, in the presidency. America has taken a change for the worse.

Many good people are praying for him as Trump is standing firm as ever in his love for America! He still cares that the borders are open and letting in all kinds of crimes, he still cares our land is depending on other countries for fuels since the pipeline he opened was shut down, he still wants parents to have the right to raise their children in schools of their own choice and so many other things. He still stands very close to the American flag.

With Trump, we can honestly say, nearly every home down every road, was flying an American flag. Patriotism was running high in the spirits of people everywhere in America and there was a great and true hope we had a president who really cared about the people in the USA.

God is watching Trump and the world now and us all. It is a hope to see those marvelous American flags flying again. Prayers to God to help us all, yes even Trump!

— Theresa Orlowski
Goodland Twp.