Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to commend Police Chief Selby for his excellent letter instructing our citizens as to why we can’t get another stoplight on the M-53 corridor.

Also, I would like our community to stand up and take MDOT to task for it’s lack of action to stop the death and accidents on this road. Please, write letters, make calls and let your voice be heard.

The amount of traffic on this road is not going to decrease. It is a major thoroughfare to The Thumb. And, when we have events at our fairgrounds, it’s worse than ever.

We take our lives in our hands daily when we drive this road. Our safety and our community should be of concern, instead we get “warrants” that must be met in order to add another traffic light.

Let’s step up and help our police department get some action on this matter!

— C.C. Ferguson