Dear Editor,

Why would any reasonable citizen shop at Target? Here are some of the things that corporation supports according to published reports:

1. Its diversity chief demanded white women get to work to combat systemic racism in America.

2. Its nonprofit foundation is being pushed to fund a group seeking to shut down and give away U.S. land such as Mount Rushmore as it is a symbol of white supremacy.

3. It supports demilitarizing our U.S. military.

4. It supports destruction of Israel’s Jewish character.

5. It claims parents must specifically teach “white children” about racism and to see color.

6. It claims capitalism has a significant role in perpetuating racism.

7. It financially supports a “LANDBACK” campaign calling for America to give up all of its public land and to put Indigenous lands back in Indigenous hands.

8. It financially supports an organization that claims the U.S. military has as a primary purpose taking away land from communities around the world.

9. It funds an organization that urges alternatives to police to deal with crime in the cities.

10. It supports the proposition that America is inborn with structurally racists and misogynistic systems.

11. It openly promotes LGBTQ+ and transgender agenda with its products and marketing.

Why can’t corporations simply promote their business and keep their nose out of the political/social justice arena? I do not go to a store only to be inundated by the corporate officers views of what social policy should be. I go to buy a product. I won’t be going to Target anytime soon.

— John L. Lengemann
Imlay City