JUNE 05, 2023
President Hlubic called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and led the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Council Members present were Joe Herrington, Mary Klug, Joe Nemecek, Samantha Ramirez, Tony Vigiletti, and Village President, Debra Hlubic. Council Member absent: Lynne Mandeville. Also present: Village Manager, Travis Youatt and Clerk, LeAnn Brewer.
Motions passed: Council approved the June 5, 2023 agenda, approved the May 15, 2023 meeting minutes, bills to pay in the amount of $56,448.32, adopted Resolution 2023-04 to change the regularly scheduled meetings of the Capac Village Council to the Third Monday of each month starting with August 2023 to be held at the American Legion Hall, 115 N. Main Street, Capac, MI, to amend Article II section 231 compensation for the Village Trustees to receive the sum of $75.00 for each council meeting attended, adopted Resolution #2023-05 to support the Department of Natural Resources’ submission of an application titled, “Lions Park Improvements Spark Grant Application” to the Spark Grant Program for park improvements at Lions Park, to approve 2023 Tax Rate Request form L-4029 to authorize the levy on the 2023 tax roll, adopted Resolution 2023-06, Authorizing A Claim for Protecting MI Pension Grant, to approve the MERS 457 Participation Agreement Amendment, to approve the Special Event Permit Application for the Dawg Days of Summer Event to be held on August 26, 2023, contingent upon more details to be submitted with the application, to switch auditing firms to King and King CPAs for a three year non-binding contract per letter dated May 25, 2023, adopted Resolution No. 2023-07 to establish a request for funding, designate an agent, attest to the existence of funds and commit to implementing a maintenance program for road resurfacing by the Transportation Economic Development Fund Category B Program and designate Village Manager, Travis Youatt as the agent.
Adjournment 8:57 p.m.
A complete copy of the minutes can be obtained at the Capac Village Office during regular office hours or viewed on our website at
Submitted by
LeAnn Brewer, Village Clerk