Meeting between attorneys June 8


IMLAY CITY — After an extra week off due to five weeks in the month of May, the Imlay City Commission will be meeting in regular session this week to discuss several tabled items and possibly an update on the proposed business venture of Sage Creek Winery.

The Memphis-based company has inquired with Imlay City officials about purchasing three buildings south of the police department building, including the former fire and DPW buildings.

Commission members were all in favor of a deal being worked out at a reasonable cost, and remain confident an agreement will be reached.

However, at their last meeting, the Commission’s legal counsel advised them to slow down with the process and make sure it is a good deal, for both the company and for Imlay City.

Company officials have said they intend to move their production operations to the larger Imlay City facility, if a real estate deal is reached.

City Manager Craig Horton said of the proposal, “The attorneys (for both sides) met briefly to discuss the overall project. They have a meeting on the 8th (of this month) to try and hammer out the details and put together an agreement both sides will be happy with.”

Horton added, “The city is very hopeful and I am very optimistic, that we will have a proposal we can take to the City Commission at the June 20 meeting.”

Also at their meeting this week, the Commission may choose to further discuss a proposal from Police Chief Brett Selby that essentially adds two employees to the department.

Chief Selby presented the commission a lengthy document earlier last month outlining a succession plan he and Sgt. Sean Leathers had been working on for several months.

Although they were in favor of the proposal, both the Commission and City Manager Horton said they were not sure how they could fund it, with the new positions not being part of a recently approved budget.

City officials continue to look into the possibility of annexation of property from Imlay Township with an eye to expanding the city’s Industrial Park.

The more than 200 acre section is located near the southwest part of town, near Newark and Blacks Corners Roads.

In the proposed agreement that has not been signed as of yet, the document reads, “The City of Imlay City’s Industrial Park has reached capacity and the city is in need of additional space.”

It goes on to say, “The City of Imlay City has the capacity to furnish public utility and other services to the property, and it is estimated that an infrastructure project to extend the City of Imlay City services will cost in the neighborhood of four million dollars.”

Commission members continue to review the information, including legal advice before they take formal action on the proposal.