Kids, teens & adults welcome to participate in fun, creative program


Youth Services Coordinator Lorry Traver is eager to take kids and teens ‘around the world’ with this year’s ‘All Together Now’ Summer Reading Program.

IMLAY CITY — As the school year winds down and the summer season heats up, families can find a great way to keep busy learning with the Summer Reading Program at Ruth Hughes Library.

This year’s program kicked off last week and children, teens and adults can sign up in person or online at…/ 1FAIpQLSehnxQ6t81e8g…/viewform.

This year’s nationwide theme is ‘All Together Now,’ and includes prizes, crafts, fun activities, books and special events based on the theme.

Youth Services Coordinator Lorry Traver says the ‘All Together Now’ theme offers an opportunity for kids and teens to learn about friendship and kindness from around the world.

“We’re going with a broad theme of going around the world and visiting different countries,” Traver says. “Every week we’ll ‘visit’ a different country and have a craft or a snack related to that country.”

Participants will also receive information to take home and explore other countries on their own, Traver adds. The material includes four books with stories set in a particular country, or facts and information about that country.

“It’s a great way to get outside of our little corner of the world and learn about other countries,” she says.

A tracking sheet to record books and activities will also be provided, and at the end of the program participants will be entered into a drawing for prizes.

“We’ve asked the kids what they’d like to have for prizes and believe it or not they mentioned a Starbucks gift card, so we’ll have that,” Traver grins. “We’re aiming for cool prizes like video game cards, food gift cards and those sorts of things.”

Adults can fend off the summer doldrums with the Summer Reading Program as well.

Lisa Cox, adult services coordinator, says participants will receive a bag filled with goodies, a recipe, and a pamphlet with information about library programs and activities that take place throughout the summer.

“They’ll also receive weekly challenges to do, and on weeks two, four, six and eight they can spin the wheel to get a prize or another challenge,” Cox says.

The Summer Reading Program was extended to adults last year, she adds, and it was a big hit.

“It went really well and those who participated really enjoyed it,” Cox says.

Along with the Summer Reading Program, the Ruth Hughes and Attica Branch libraries offer a wide variety of books, DVDs, crafts, activities and more throughout the season and all year long.

For more information visit or call 810-724-8043.