Dear Editor,

If Chief Selby wants to hire more police officers due to their current high workload, then I would like to offer him a better solution for our local residents. One that does not raise their taxes which are already the highest in the county. They should focus their time on real police work like actual crime and stop focusing so much on writing speeding tickets all day. Most days you can’t drive around town without seeing a cop car or two parked somewhere enforcing speed traps like the one on Blacks Corners road. They sit here almost daily waiting to ticket our residents for driving 35 in a 25 zone on a road that should be 35mph. Of course, they don’t enforce this during school times when the 25 mph is justified for the safety of kids. No, they like to write their tickets after 5 p.m. when you are driving that empty stretch of land. They even brag in your paper about how many speeding tickets they handed out as a reason why they need more officers and more funding. Most of the roads in town cannot be considered actual roads anymore–they are just a conglomeration of decades of cold patch filler. Roads like Fourth Street are impossible to drive faster than 25 on due to this reason. If harassment of our residents through speed trap enforcement is what we fought to keep last year, then maybe we should reconsider a contract with the Sheriff Department. Chief Selby, you should focus your efforts on real crime not wasting your time and our money sitting around being glorified meter maids.

— By request
name withheld