IMLAY CITY—Law enforcement agencies often perform surprise stings on businesses who may attempt to sell illegal products to underage customers.

Last week, the Imlay City Police Department executed a vape sting throughout town and according to Chief Brett Selby, the operation produced good results.

Chief Selby said last week, “Officers and decoys working with the Imlay City Police Department attempted to have underage decoys purchase vape and vape related products from each and every business that sells vape products in the City of Imlay.”

Chief Selby went on to add, “I am pleased to report that none of the below seven businesses would sell vape or vape related products to any of our decoys.”

The businesses the Chief pointed out included Exxon Gas located on E. Capac Road, Shell Gas on N. Cedar Street, Wild Bill’s Tobacco on S. Cedar Street, Len’s Party Store on E. Capac Road, Smoker’s Palace on S. Cedar Street and Speedway on N. Cedar Street and S. Cedar Street. Chief Selby commended the local businesses, saying, “Congratulations to our businesses and business owners for protecting our children and following the law.”

He said future maintenance checks will continue to be made from time to time to ensure compliance from all local businesses.

In other Imlay City police news, officers responded to 79 calls including making 26 traffic stops last week. They assisted citizens on a half a dozen calls and investigated numerous ordinance violations. At the current rate of responding to dispatched calls, Imlay City officers are on a pace of responding to at least 4,000 calls this year.