Dear Editor,

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy must have experienced another one of his epiphanies. He now believes, today our government spending is out of control. The Trump administration, Nancy Pelosi and the Republicans in Congress raised the debt limit three times without issue; adding a staggering $7.8 trillion to our national debt in four years–a 39 percent increase. When a nation must borrow money to meet the interest payments due, for money it has borrowed, spent or given away, its fiscal policies are unsustainable. The US budget deficit hit $234 billion in the month of February up 8.7percent compared to the same month last year. The deficit is growing as the GOP tax laws slows revenue intake and bipartisan budget deals drive up spending. The Biden administration gave all social security recipient’s an eight percent increase in benefits this year; can we afford that?

I don’t believe we can tax our way out of the financial black hole we have entered. The two largest line items in the budget are defense and entitlements. We will have to roll-back tax cuts and reduce entitlement spending. We all have skin in the game and all of us will feel financial pain if we are to bring our spending and budget under control. A default would crash markets, cost millions of jobs, sap retirement savings, reduce entitlements, make it more difficult to sell our bonds and diminish America’s global standing. If we do default on our debt, you can’t blame either party, they both have been on an unstainable spending spree for the last 20 years.

We need an administration that won’t buy votes with entitlements, funded with borrowed money; or windfall tax cuts. Today, the front runners for the 2024 presidential election are, an old, worn-out, over the hill politician and an old con man whose best days are long past. God help America and the generations to come.
There is hope yet! There is talk of a new party in the offing. A new party called the Common Sense Party. Our two parties served us well for two hundred years, but with age they have lost their vitality and ability to govern and lead a democracy effectively. I believe, I finally understand what the D.C. in Washington D.C. stands for. It’s “Devoid of Common Sense”.

— Tom Janicki