CSC and Child Abuse charges filed


IMLAY CITY — The Imlay City Police Department recently arrested two men following lengthy investigations into alleged cases of Criminal Sexual Conduct and Child Abuse.

Chief Brett Selby said the department made the first arrest in a Criminal Sexual Conduct Third degree incident that occurred in the parking lot of Wendy’s in Imlay City 1950 S. Cedar Street after business hours.

Chief Selby could only say the incident happened several weeks ago and said the suspect has a date of birth of 12-04-2003.

After a lengthy investigation, 19-year old Dominic Joseph Valvona of Mussey Township was arraigned in the 71-A District Court on Criminal Sexual Assault Charges stemming from the encounter.

Chief Selby, in a press release, said the charge is considered a felony with a maximum imprisonment of 15 years.

Meanwhile, Imlay City police made a second arrest in recent weeks, following an alleged incident that took place in Imlay City.

Chief Selby said Paul-Anthony Joseph Lavigne of Imlay City, with a date of birth of 03-24-1985, was arraigned on Child Abuse charges last week. The arrest stemmed from an investigation conducted by the Imlay City Police Department last month.

Lavigne, 38, was arraigned in the 71-A District Court in Lapeer on second degree child abuse charges which carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

The Chief again declined to state the age of the alleged victim and said the incident was reported sometime in April.

Both men are facing future court dates.

•In other police news, Chief Selby reports officers were busy in the past week responding to over 80 calls for service.

Approximately half of the calls were traffic stops for various violations.

The department reported on six property damage accidents and had 30 calls for service during a busy weekend that included the carnival, Little Miss pageant and Cinco De Mayo festivities.

Chief Selby reported officers have handled more than 3,800 calls so far this year, compared to 1,100 calls in his first year as Chief of the department, two years ago.