Dear Editor:

This is in response to an article that appeared in the April 12, 2023 issue of Tri-City Times.

Envy Homes, Inc. has been building homes in and around Lapeer County for over two decades and is presently the largest home builder in the region. Envy has many satisfied homeowners who are eager to share their positive experiences.

However, some individuals have made complaints against Envy at Almont Township’s meeting on April 10, 2023. The first individual alleged that Envy is responsible for flooding around a group of new homes. The article did not include information that Envy is not the only builder in this group of homes. Additionally, this individual incorrectly alleged that Envy’s excavators hit a spring. This individual has never even contacted Envy Homes, Inc. to discuss this matter or receive information about the efforts which Envy has made to address this matter. In fact, Google Earth images from 2016 until the present clearly depict a buildup of water onto Envy’s vacant lot as other homes were being built to the north by others. Envy has also made multiple requests to the Township of Almont and the Lapeer County Road Commission to address this issue and work together on a solution, as the responsibility for this issue is still undetermined and there are many parties involved. Previously, the township has not expressed an interest in doing this. Envy intends to continue to work toward an amicable resolution to this matter and even joined a meeting at the site on April 12, 2023 with surrounding property owners, the Lapeer County Road Commission, and others. The township also confirmed that Envy acted appropriately and correctly in securing a building permit to build on this lot.

The claims by another individual involve a dispute over the amount of funds due and owing under their building construction contract. The information presented was untrue and the individual failed to provide any documentation or information to support their claim. Other claims alleged were also unsupported and the individual failed to disclose that their building construction contract with Envy clearly states that Envy is not responsible for any “acts of God” and all such responsibility is assumed by the individual.

Lastly, Envy addresses the remarks made by another resident regarding the delay in building their home. The homeowner did not inform those in attendance at this meeting that they chose to do certain construction activities on their own which resulted in significant delays. Another delay of three months resulted from this homeowner requesting that certain products not be installed until later in the construction process despite Envy’s recommendation to the contrary in an effort to move the project forward.

The township board announced that homeowners could write to the state licensing board. However, Envy has obtained proper Certificates of Occupancy on each home Envy builds and has never violated MCL 339.2411 of the Michigan Occupational Code. Further, Envy conducts a walkthrough checklist at the end of construction projects with its clients, which is also approved in writing by Envy and the clients. Envy also provides a written Limited Warranty to all homeowners in addition to a building construction contract and home specification documentation, which clearly outline the agreement between the parties.

Finally, Envy was never provided with notice of this board meeting and had they been notified, they would have attended and responded to these claims directly. Envy’s principal business has been located in Almont since 2014 and Envy has made significant improvements to the office building façade and renovation of this commercial property, including renovating apartment units and providing affordable housing to Village residents. Prospective customers can also view a beautiful model home on site that replaced outdated and abandoned buildings. Envy has always and will continue to provide custom quality homes to Almont and the surrounding area, many of which can be viewed at our website at

— Dave Nash
President and Owner of Envy Homes, Inc.