Capac Main Street project on short list


CAPAC — The office of Congressperson Lisa McClain has announced several project funding requests have been moved forward for consideration in the upcoming 2024 fiscal year.

In all of the projects submitted for Thumb area communities, Congresswoman McClain is seeking more than $20 million in funding.

Funding for the proposed $3.3 million Main Street project in Capac is on the short list for possible approval.

Among the requests is a project that would be a complete rebuild of the main thoroughfare in the Village of Capac.

The four block section of the downtown district has been a headache for motorists traveling both ways, to and from the Metro Detroit area for work.

City Manager Travis Youatt and village council members have been working with county, state and federal officials to secure funding for the “building-to-building” project.

In their request to Congressperson McClain’s office, the village has asked for over $3.3 million to complete the work.

The work would include reconstruction of Main Street, including sidewalks, street paving and underground infrastructure.

The work would go from the front of businesses on the east side of the street to the front of businesses on the west side, replacing underground infrastructure, sidewalks, lighting and reconstruction of an all new Main Street.

Youatt said the news puts Capac “on the short list” and he anticipates hearing an answer on the funding in the next few months. Other projects in Lapeer, St. Clair and Sanilac counties include;

•Project: Jefferson/Barnes Road Reconstruction
Requester: Lapeer County Road Commission
Funding Request: $5,591,280.
Description: Crush and shape Jefferson Road from North Branch village limits to Clifford Rd., Clifford Rd. from Jefferson Rd. to the Clifford village limits and Barnes Rd. from Jefferson Rd. to M-53.

•Project: Burtchville Waterline Extension
Requester: Burtchville Township
Funding Request: $2,827,616.
Description: To design and construct an expansion of over three miles of water distribution system to provide potable water via waterlines, hydrants, water mains and related infrastructure.

•Project: Sewer Extension and Water Main Replacement
Requester: Village of Peck
Funding Request: $762,000.
Description: To add a water main connection that would run east from S. Sandusky Rd. along Pavilion Dr. and connect to the main at the corner of Pavilion Dr. and Elk St.
This connection will create a loop in the system.

•Project: Clay-Ira Water System Interconnect
Requester: Clay Township
Funding Request: $1,065,500.
Description: To provide a new meter pit to record water usage to/from Clay Township and the interconnecting pipework 4,100 feet in Clay Township, along M-29, to be upgraded from 8-inch diameter to 12-inch diameter to increase the fire flow, water quality and pressure to this area.

•Project: Police and Fire Public Safety Complex
Requester: City of Vassar
Funding Request: $6,000,000
Description: Expansion and upgrade to accommodate both the fire and police departments with all equipment.