Dear Editor,

I would like to express my concerns about a book in the Lapeer District Library which is creating a lot of controversy. The book in question, which I understand is not merely a single memoir, but one book in a series by the same author clearly depicting children engaged in sexual activity.

The Michigan Catholic Tribune issue of October 10-16. 2022, states the book’s target audience to be 12 -18 year olds. Its publisher says its mission is to create characters that appeal to children who might want to cross dress or have sex-change surgery.

In my opinion, we know that children of this age group are vulnerable to trying almost anything that “sounds good” at the time. We also know that they lack the level of maturity to even consider the long term sometimes irreversible consequences.

Exposure to this pornographic activity and literature at early stages of development has a life long traumatic effect and does permanent emotional damage.

Please consider the facts. Please put personal feelings aside.

Support those who are accepting their moral, civic, and legal responsibility to protect our children and the community-at-large from this type of material, especially in our Lapeer District Public Library.

This book and others are deliberately put in “comic book style format” to draw children into what they might see as fun and games.

How is this not exploiting children?

—Cheryl Wernsman
Arcadia Twp.