In light of all the recent newspaper articles, Almont Fire and Rescue felt the need to reach out to the Dryden Township Board.

Almont Fire and Rescue has had years of interaction with Chief Hagemeister and at no time have we ever witnessed Chief Hagemeister act in any unsafe or unprofessional manner. During our interaction with Chief Hagemeister on the emergency scenes, we have found him to be worthy of our trust and respect. Your Chief has always been rock solid!

In closing, please know that Almont Fire and Rescue supports Chief Hagemeister. Almont Fire and Rescue is always ready to respond for the health, safety and welfare of Dryden residents, as you have done for us.

—Don Smith
Chief, Almont Fire & Rescue
—Richard Stine
Assistant Chief
—Brent Smith
—Jeff Ludwig
—Derek Stine
—Will Johnson
—Sal Dimaio