Dear Editor,

I am very happy to see that this paper did not cave to the pressure of a bully threatening to cancel their 40-year subscription because they didn’t agree with a column the week before. That column’s writer simply voiced her view of the last two years. I completely agree with her, as do nearly 70% of the country. I too, have written this paper many times with the same observation, and the same question.

To the bully; what is it about this administration that you like? Name one thing good this president has done for this country. Rather than condemning people you don’t agree with, you need to tell your side of the story. Tell us why you like high gas prices, high food prices, high medical costs, inflation, illegal border crossings, high crime, political corruption, and much more. Your kind is great at name calling those that don’t agree with you. But, you have never once in two years come forward with just one thing this administration has done good for us. And, NO, Biden didn’t inherit all this, like he claims. It’s obviously his Alzheimer’s talking.

This is your opportunity to tell your side of the story rather than threaten.

— Wally Maslowsky