Summer 2023
Ordinance Number 2008-19
1. Weed Growth Prohibited
An owner, agent, or occupant of premises shall not permit or maintain on any such premises any growth of noxious weeds; nor any growth of grass or other rank vegetation to a greater height than six inches on average; nor any accumulation of dead weeds, grass, or brush on any lot less than one acre in size or on improved lots over one acre in size within Imlay Township.
2. Duty of Owner,
Agent, or Occupant
It shall be the duty of the owner, agent, or occupant of any premises within the Township to cut and remove or destroy by lawful means all such noxious weeds and grass as often as may be necessary to comply with the provisions of this ordinance. Noxious weeds or grass not cut as often as required by this ordinance will be cut by Imlay Township.
3. Collection of
Costs from Owner
Expenses incurred in the destruction of weeds or mowing of grass shall be paid by the owner of the land and the Township shall have a lien against the land for the amount of the expense.
A complete copy of this ordinance may be viewed at the Imlay Township Hall, 682 N. Fairgrounds Road, during office hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Carla Jepsen
Imlay Township Clerk