Left note saying he’s running away, don’t look for him, he’ll be fine

DRYDEN — On April 3, The Dryden Township Police released a missing person notice for 16-year-old Nathan John Baughman. They say he left his Dryden Twp. home located at Joy Rd. near Dryden Rd. early Monday morning. The police shared that he was riding on a black Schwinn bicycle. “His direction of travel and destination are unknown at this time. He is believed to be wearing an olive green hoodie with dark sweats and black Under Armor brand running shoes,” says the release from the police department.

In a press release late Tuesday afternoon, it was said that Nathan left a note to his parents indicating he was running away from home and asked them not to look for him, and that he would be fine.
Nathan’s step-mother, Jenny Baughman shared more information about Nathan’s disappearance with the Tri-City Times.
“Nathan has level 2 autism and is in need of assistance. It was recovered from his computer that he was researching how to travel the country on bicycle. This is not like Nathan at all. He suffers from severe social anxiety, prefers secluded places, and we believe he’s trying to leave the state. It was recovered from his search history-a small Ohio town of Millersburg, I don’t know anyone there nor does he.”

Jenny says there has been no communication between her and Nathan.

“He’s inactive on social media. And he doesn’t have any friends. He didn’t pack anything with him besides a little bit of money. He has no coat, just the hoodie that was mentioned. Nate is very smart, but depends on us a lot. He doesn’t like to interact with people, and is very shy.”

On Monday, Jenny said there was an unsuccessful search party for Nathan.

“They stopped it because he’s ‘a runaway.’ But the problem with that is that my son has autism and needs assistance. He’s not thinking clearly.” Jenny explained.

The Dryden Township Police Department confirmed law enforcement agencies are working together to gather information. A spokesperson at the department said local police have enlisted the assistance of the Michigan State Police and have also spoken with sheriff departments from Lapeer and Oakland counties. No additional information was being released by police, although it is expected they will be putting out another media update once agencies have collaborated their information on the teen.

Nathan is 5’5” tall and weighs approximately 130 pounds, has sandy blonde/brown hair with slight facial hair. Nathan also has braces (blue in color).

The Dryden Township Police ask that if anyone has information or has seen Nathan, to immediately contact the Dryden Township Police Department at 810-796-2271 or Lapeer County Central Dispatch at 810-667-0292.