Dear Editor:

America is in decline, and it happened in just two years. Look at some of the things that are in play right now. I can quickly think of the following and I am sure there are more.

• The economy/ inflation and coming layoffs
• Debt and deficit spending
• Banks failing
• Open borders
• High rates of violent crime across the country
• Narcotics pouring into our country
• Drug addiction and homelessness in our major cities
• Russia’s aggressive moves and Putin takes down our drone and no response from the U.S.
• Chinese military buildup
• Loss of our influence in foreign affairs-Middle Eastern nations looking to China as opposed to the United States
• American colleges imposing far left ideals and limiting free speech
• Declining high school test scores
• Racial polarization

What is Joe Biden doing about any of the above? The answer is clearly nothing at all. What does Biden do all day? If you Google the “President’s Daily Schedule” you can see that he does virtually nothing. And that is made all the more clear by his response to the problems listed above. There is no response.

How any person can defend the job he has done escapes me. How his purported approval rating exceeds 40% escapes me. I would love to speak with those individuals who think he is doing a good job and have them point out to me where I am going wrong in my evaluation.

He is a worse president than Jimmy Carter was and to achieve that takes a real effort at incompetence.

— John Lengemann
Imlay City