Dear Editor,

It’s only about 104 days until Attica celebrates the summer with another great festival, on Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15. With all the planning that has been done, and much yet left to do, we once again offer you the opportunity join in the fun by being a volunteer. Take the plunge and sign up via Facebook on the site.

The festival urges you to sign up for the car and motorcycle show; we’re looking for cars, any make or model, any year or century, any color, or combo of same, and the ’cycles the same; there are none too fancy, too plain, too big or too small, bring them one and all.

So much will be different, and much the same, that’s why one festival is never like the other. Plus it’s free, free parking no matter how many you squeeze into that vehicle, free music, free games, free petting zoo, free kids central tent, and all in a safe family type way. So many vendors of all kinds, indoor and outdoors. The Astronomy Club will be there on Saturday only. Every year there are new vendors to be found. There are always places to sit in sun or shade. There is a paved walking path around the whole festival should you feel the need to stretch your legs and of course this year there are a great many additions to the Attica Township park, an adventure to be sure. So set the date aside, stay tuned to the news and check out the website.

Anyone wishing to perform on stage Friday or Saturday should contact Keith at 586-246-1969.

— The Attica Days Festival Committee