Regular Meeting
March 8, 2023
Supervisor Downey called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Bruce Downey (Supervisor), Sheila McDonald (Clerk), Deborah Lewis (Treasurer), Monica Standel (Trustee) and Brad Humphrey (Trustee) were present. Two (2) guests were present. Motions were passed to: to approve the February 8th meeting minutes, approve the Sexton’s contract as presented, approve the Assessor’s contract as presented, approve the Code Enforcement contract with an increase of $10 per visit, approve the Fire Chief contract as presented, approve the Administrative Assistant contract as presented, approve the 2023-2024 General Fund Budget, approve the 2023-2024 Fire Dept Budget, approve the RESA Service Contract as presented, approve the Emmett Fire Protection contract as presented, approve the Lynn Fire Protection as presented, Humphrey to approve up to $130,000 plus county match money for St Clair County limestone for township roads, approve the contract with MEI for the Cat 3 testing to be done on the township lift, approve the March bills with the addition of Brady’s Business Systems $179.67 from General Fund and Rob Kruger $805.04 from the Fire Department, accept the property tax millage rate proposed to be levied to support the proposed budget, appoint Rob Kruger to fill the remaining planning commission term of Brad Humphrey, approve the Treasurer’s report as presented, adjourn the meeting at 8:13 p.m.
A complete copy of the minutes can be obtained at the Mussey Township office during regular business hours or viewed online at
Submitted by
Sheila McDonald, Clerk