Capac’s Nevaeh Mason looks to elude a Sandusky defender at this year’s tourney.

CAPAC — When the 2023-24 basketball campaign starts later this year there will be one popular event absent from the schedule of contests, that is because the Harry C. Moore Memorial Basketball Tournament in Capac has been called off.

“We wanted to take this moment to share that we have made this decision to discontinue the Harry C. Moore Memorial Basketball Tournament,” his son Dale told The Tri-City Times. “We are sorry we can’t continue the event to not only honor Harry, our father, grandfather and namesake of the Capac Varsity Gymnasium but an event that has actively fostered bringing alumni back to Capac Community Schools and showcasing our district,” he noted.

“After much consideration we have made this decision for many reasons, some of which we would like to share, for the purposes of understanding, and not blaming in any way.”

• “Our committee members are overextended and too few in number. Many of our members volunteer throughout their communities in many different ways. Their generousity and committment are unmatched but they can only do so much. Our attempts to broaden that committee have not been successful unfortunately. It takes a lot of time and effort to pull off a good tournament and we would not want to put on a tournament that would not be honoring of Harry.”

• “The district, through the Superintendent, has informed us that we would need to pay for the use of the facilities next year due to a change in board policy regarding facilities. In order to carry out the tournament we would need to rent the Harry C. Moore Memorial Gymnasium, as well as the small gym and accompanying spaces. With this change, we would no longer be able to afford to run the tournament. Looking at this year’s profits and expenses, including a donation to the Capac Athletic Department, without paying for a scholarship for a Capac graduate at the end of the year, we would be in a hole after paying to rent the school and tournament expenses.”

• “Our tournament fan base has changed; fewer people are attending not only from our competitors’ schools’ but our own. Fewer students are playing sports; at times forcing the cancellation of whole teams for the season and resulting in fewer spectators for sporting events. Fewer spectators result in a lower gate to pay for the tournament. We could charge more but we don’t think that is in the best interest of the student-athletes and their families that do attend.”

“For those reasons, and others, we have made the difficult decision as a family to discontinue the tournament. We thank you, the players, coaches, officials, committee members, Harry’s past players, tournament honorees, and the Capac Community Schools district for allowing us to hold the tournament at Capac for so many years. We will treasure fond memories of the tournament and the community’s support and love for Harry, who worked in Capac for 30 years as a teacher, adminstrator, coach and mentor. We hope you will join us in sharing those memories.”

Kevin Kissane

Kevin Kissane has been covering high school sports for the Tri-City Times since 1985. When not standing on a field or court with his camera and notepad, he enjoys golf, travel and family. Kevin is a 1980 graduate of Capac High School, and is also a grad of St. Clair Community College and earned a degree in journalism from Central Michigan University.