Dear Editor,

Well, after three rounds of voting the leaders of the Michigan GOP just elected Kristina Karamo, Chairman of the GOP. She is a conspiracy theorist who’s only claim to fame is her election denial of our ex-president’s ego crushing defeat. Karamo lost her bid for Michigan’s secretary of state after a lackluster campaign and exhibiting uninspiring leadership qualities. Electing leaders who are fighting imagined battles of the past won’t move the party forward. Is Michigan’s GOP that barren of forward-thinking persons with integrity and common sense?

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C. the speaker of the House who after fifteen rounds of voting to win the speakership and following the January 6 insurrection investigation findings must be suffering from PTSD. Yet another GOP leader wanting to continue fighting a nonexistent battle over a lost election for the last two years. In an effort to overturn the January 6 findings, Kevin provides Tucker Carlson with 44,000 hours (about 5 years of viewing) of the Capitol attack videos. In a matter of days Tucker has reviewed the thousands of hours of video and can refute the January 6 committee’s findings! Kevin still insists the January 6 committee was biased and one sided. I do believe he could be right. The committee only deposed and subpoenaed Republicans; I am sure there are Democrats who would have liked to recount their harrowing experiences of that day.

Dominion, the manufacturer of our voting machines, is now in litigation with Fox News (Dominion versus Fox News defamation case) asking for $1.4 billion in damages. Fox has insisted for two years the machines were compromised costing our ex-president the election. As put forth in the thousands upon thousands of pages of evidence released during the discovery process in this case, people at Fox News allegedly knew the channel was repeatedly peddling lies. But it didn’t care. Because, according to the lawsuit, profits were more important than the truth. Also, in the words of Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch, Fox did not want to “antagonize Donald Trump further.” If Dominion wins, I’ll bet it will be a long, long time before anyone of the talking heads at Fox get a raise.

Election deniers have been elected to offices across the country and in key states to election committees in an effort to right their perceived wrong. In the good old days, to win an election all you had to do was run a better candidate than the other party. Somewhere in the GOP there must a presidential candidate who has integrity, intelligence and common sense, a middle of the road Republican, not a liberal and not a flaming conservative. Someone who can pull this country together again. A divided democracy will not stand; our grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s future will rise or fall on what we do now.

Do you get the feeling the GOP bosses are looking in the rearview mirror while the country is headed for a cliff?

— Tom Janicki