Dear Editor,

I read with interest the story of the Capac student who has her own maple syrup business. I found it interesting, inspiring and fun to think there are young people like her in our community.

I no longer live in the area, but I do appreciate and look forward to my Tri-City Times.

Having newspapers that publish the findings of honest reporters is vital to the interest of those that want good government and a healthy community. I think that your newspaper has reporters who want to honestly report the happenings and opinions in our community. Even if they make a mistake here and there, I do not believe that your reporters are propagandists who want to spin the news to support an agenda that favors a particular party or person.

Articles that come from outside our community are important and we usually understand what informs the opinions of the authors of such articles. Their information is good for us to know whether we agree with it or not. We appreciate the space given them in our local newspaper.

I appreciate the fact that our local newspaper is not in the business of trying to polarize people as is often done by cable news and social media.

The Tri-City Times is appreciated for telling us what is happening in our schools, law enforcement, governmental agencies, businesses and religious institutions. The achievements of the people of our community are recognized, also.

I didn’t know the lady who got the Citizen of the Year Award from the Chamber, but I think a good choice.

Even the solemn business of reporting the carnage on our roadways, the killing and maiming perpetrated deliberately or accidentally upon our fellow pilgrims, the notices, obituaries and eulogies that document the loss of loved-ones is placed within our view.

For all this work, I am thankful.

— Aaron Casey