Dear Editor,

Today is the 17th. As I drive about running errands, I smile because I am surrounded by the beautiful countryside. Rolling hills, giant trees, ponds of every size, cattle, chickens, sheep, lakes, both hidden but not without the means of recreation on them, boats, fishing, swimming, and just lounging around are all within a 15 minute drive of Imlay City. Elk Lake and Long Lake are both spring fed. I know Long Lake, which parallels Belle River Road and has access off Newark is a beautiful clean deep and cold lake, good fishing.

So now I ask myself (as I hear the train whistle), does the train that travels not a quarter mile from my house and goes through Imlay City, Attica, and Lapeer and on to the west… carry hazardous materials, if so how often, when (a.m. or p.m.) and what kinds are they? Are the trains and tracks maintained at the optimum? Most important of all do we have an evacuation plan to go to should an emergency occur? YES! I’m scared, I have every reason to be and this information should be made public before not after an occurrence, especially since FEMA has told the people in Ohio that what happened with the train there was not an emergency that they would have to deal with. So then who is responsible? I am thinking a lot of people use well water, if the ground water were to be contaminated, how would this be taken care of and by who? It’s not just houses, now its livestock and crops that get ruined. Is anyone concerned beside me?

— Diane Malczewski