Editors Note: This article was reprinted from the 1970 Centennial Book, which was filled with many historical stories about Imlay City.

Four miles east of Imlay City there is a large peat area which was first developed by Kenneth Anderson. After World War II, Mr. Anderson was employed by St. Clair County as Agricultural Agent. He saw the possibilities in the peat industry and bought large acreage in Lapeer County, Imlay Township. A great deal of ditching and draining had to be done on the land before using machinery to package the peat. The peat is screened before it is put into heavy duty pliofilm containers. This type container is resistant to decay and prevents moisture changes. Practically all peat is now sold in 25 to 50 pound containers. Peat is used for mulches, soil mixes and soil improvements.

The Grand Trunk Railroad placed a track on Mr. Anderson’s property so he could ship in car lots.

Mr. Anderson also grows blueberries and has acreage in sod.

Michigan Peat Company east of town is owned by a New York concern and does a large volume of business.