Dear Editor,

Monday, February 13 about 8:30 p.m. Anthony McRae stepped into Berkey Hall and the MSU student union brandishing two legally-purchased handguns, becoming judge, jury and executioner. By the time he walked away three students were dead and five seriously wounded. Exiting quickly he eluded police for about 3 hours until he killed himself. Those are the bare facts; little is known about motive or reasoning if that could ever be reasoned. This was an unspeakable immoral action, and many, many hours will be spent trying to understand what brought him to this deadly action.

After this sad murder scene I have been trying to “wrap my arms around” the thought that abortion by Prop 3 was made law of the land permitting unlimited killing of unborn babies due to “privacy;” it’s my body and to do with reproductively as I please. Can someone tell me the difference between killing a young adult and or a baby in the womb? Oh, I am supposed to understand that one is a crime but the other is a “personal right” because the State of Michigan said, “It’s the Law.”

In Roman times the emperor could put “thumbs up or down” to give life or death to the losing gladiator in the arena. Or allow early Catholics to be mauled and killed by beasts because of religion. Coming into more modern times, The U. S. Supreme Court saying Blacks were “property,” genocide of Armenian people by the Ottoman Turks, Adolf Hitler and his minions declaring Jews “not human” subject to death. We had Michigan voters approving abortion without limits. People are told “kill your unborn, it’s the law.” In inner cities of this nation crime is so rampant, what is a person worth? $50? $35? Pocket change? Human life has little value if government, a person, or group can determine if an individual lives or dies.

Again there is NO reason for the action of Mr. McRae, no justification or support for murder period. I join in prayers for the victims, families, relatives, and fellow students. Politicians will toss out all kinds of solutions that pander to a particular support base, or to anyone they think will pay attention to their ideas. Heaven help US if we don’t look into our hearts for some real answers, not band aids. We have groomed a loss of respect for life, and it will continue to plague us in our so-called “modern society.”

— David Naeyaert