Former Interim is unanimous choice for full-time position


ALMONT — The Almont Downtown Development Authority (DDA)  Board has voted unanimously to offer Angela Edwards the position of full-time DDA Executive Director.

Edwards has been serving as Interim DDA Director since late November of 2022.

Having successfully fulfilled her duties as interim director, DDA Board members opted to offer Edwards the position on a full-time basis.

She looks forward to taking on her increased duties and responsibilities.

“Growing up in Almont, I have watched our downtown go from lively, to barely a pulse, and then back to vibrant again,” Edwards said. “It is a dream come true to be a part in that continued revitalization.
“So much has been done already,” she continued. “The foundation has been laid by business owners who have poured their hearts and souls into our main street. I am ready to grab the torch and continue to help invigorate and promote our downtown.”

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, the DDA Board discussed details regarding the position; while voting 3-2 to require Edwards to resign her two positions at businesses in the DDA district and not maintain additional employment in the DDA district while serving as DDA director.

DDA Chairman Andrew Roosa said Edwards’ employment at any business in the DDA district would be a conflict of interest.

Village Council President Steve Schneider anticipates issues with the village council if Edwards continues employment in the DDA district.

“I can tell you that if we make Angela our permanent executive director, and she maintains employment with either of the two businesses, you’re going to run into a problem with the village council,” Schneider said. “Council members are going to hoot and holler and cause issues.”

However, Krista Boos and Paul Randazzo, who voted in opposition, said they see no need to dictate where Edwards works outside of her 40-hour work week for the DDA.

Despite the split vote, the Board voted unanimously to offer Edwards the position.

While all details of her contract have yet to be decided, Edwards’ pay would be $41,600 annually and not include a benefit package.

Since assuming the duties of interim DDA director, Edwards has implemented a monthly newsletter, updated the DDA webpage and developed updated flyers, along with welcome packets for new businesses.

Angela said she has been working closely with village employees, the DPW and Almont Village Council to build a functional working relationship with the DDA.

And now she is ready to work for the community that she loves.

“Almont means more than just home to me, Edwards said. “I chose to plant my roots in the village that I am honored to raise my own children in.

“My motivation in everything I have done has always been the same; to create and maintain a generational community that my children will want to raise their own families.

“I am grateful, humbled and honored to have been chosen for this role,” she said, “and cannot wait to be a part of all that the future of downtown Almont holds.”