Dear Editor,

This is only my opinion, but hasn’t anybody else thought of this? The job of NORAD, our air defense system, is to look for unidentified objects entering our air space, and destroy them before they get here. How did they not notice this balloon coming to Alaska? It seems like they just look for large metal objects, flying at high speed, and not slow moving, large rubber balls. That balloon flew into Alaska, then headed south, before a commercial pilot flying at 30,000 feet spotted something in the sky over the Montana/ Canada border and reported it. Rather than the military shooting it down immediately over barren land, they let our slow moving politicians have meetings to decide what to do. By then the balloon was over populated land, and too dangerous to shoot down.

China tested our defense system and got a totally unforeseeable and favorable result. Keep in mind, the United States has never fought a war on its own land. The enemy coming here is totally unexpected, and we had no idea what to do. We fumbled around like a bunch of Keystone Cops.

Also, did you hear that many of the parts recovered from the balloon said “Made in USA” on them. Could these be parts left behind after our botched pullout from Afghanistan?

— Wally Maslowsky
Almont, MI