Dear Editor,

Videos of police violence toward Tyre Nichols puts a black eye on all police officers all over this nation. Is this incidence true? It has been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Will there be more to be seen? What will shake out of this?

Out of thousands of these encounters, bad outcomes do emerge. Ever since Michael Brown to George Floyd now Tyre Nichols police still bear the brunt of law enforcement in a mostly thankless job.

More comprehensive training is needed, more money not less, and a better appreciation of the tough job your local police officer, deputy sheriff, or state trooper faces. A judge or jury may take months to decide the fate of a potential criminal or wrongdoer while the police officer may have mere seconds. God bless them.

Look at the police officer, quite often sitting for hours alone in a vehicle, or potentially dangerous encounter at night. Stop at a restaurant for a break, jokingly kidded about that “donut stop.” Who will they talk to? Would the ordinary citizen understand? Police don’t usually show up at bingo games or church festivals. Sometimes a pretty lonely life.

I believe we should always thank a police officer, or military person for their service. I say, “Thank you for your job as police officer.

In parting there was a police officer walking past an elementary school. A little girl standing on the sidewalk remarked to the officer, “Are you a police officer?” He replied, “Yes young lady I am,” She said, “My mother said if ever I need help I can always ask a police officer for help.” “Yes you may,” was his reply. Her response, “Would you please tie my shoe?” Wish that was the greatest job of the average police officer.

As in the TV show, To Protect and To Serve, With respect I remain,

— David Naeyaert