Dear Editor,

Thank you to Donna Broda for being able to present a check for $100 from the Imlay City Eagles Auxiliary to Mark Rebeaud, founder of Cars 4 Vets.

This gentleman takes vehicles, fixes them up and gives them to veterans who are unable to afford a vehicle.

He has donated over 35 vehicles to veterans and it is very awesome what he does.

If you want to help Mark help veterans, you can do so by donating a vehicle that you no longer want.

For more information, contact (ret.) Master Sgt. Mark Rebeaud, a decorated 24-year veteran of three services; U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and MIANG.

Mail to Mark at 8716 Fisher Rd., Yale, MI; call him at 810-304-0100; or email to:

— Imlay City Eagles