Dear Editor,

After a historic struggle (fifteen ballots) to become House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy immediately tried to rally the reluctant troops. He will not agree with increasing the national debt without major spending cuts. During the Trump administration, Trump and Pelosi agreed to increase the nation’s debt limit, Kevin didn’t see a need to reduce spending then; after Trump signed into law his massive tax cut bill Kevin still did not recognize the need to reduce our runaway spending. During the Trump administration our national debt increased by a staggering 39 percent and Kevin still didn’t see the need to cut spending! Apparently, when President Biden said we have to raise the debt limit again, Kevin must have had an epiphany. He said, “We have to reduce spending.” We’re now 32 trillion dollars in debt and Kevin finally picked up on the fact we need to cut spending!

To put $32 trillion in perspective: drug dealers weigh their money now; it’s faster than counting. One million dollars in hundred-dollar bills weigh 37 pounds, a billion weighs 37,000 pounds, a trillion dollars would weigh 37,000,000 pounds. If we were to pay off our national debt tomorrow, we would need 14,453 semi-trucks each loaded with 80,000 pounds of one hundred-dollar bills, plus another 462 trucks to make an interest payment. Kevin is definitely on to something, we should cut spending, and maybe even plug some tax loopholes.

The problem with our government today, as I see it, it’s run by old men; they don’t have any future, or much time left so they govern for today not for tomorrow and not for the next generations. We used to elect nation builders, now we elect party builders.

Kevin’s next move to rally the troops who had been coerced into voting for him, was to promise to repeal funding for 87,000 new IRS agents Biden wants. (Agents Trump fired shortly after taking office). Kevin may have stumbled upon something; why do we need more auditors? When a billionaire like Trump, who owns hotels and golf courses around the world, only owes $700 in income taxes for a year and has not broken any laws? Because thousands of pages of tax codes allow it. Kevin has a great idea, let’s not spend 80 billion dollars over the next ten years on auditors. Let’s change the tax codes and cut spending and maybe we can stop raising the national debt limit every couple of years.

— Tom Janicki