Dear Editor,

In response to the ‘Don’t cave in to emotional rhetoric of vocal factions’ letter, I wish to respond it has nothing to do with emotions.

It has everything to do with the love of land in our county and state and has nothing to do with what Democrats or Republicans think.

It does have everything to do with holding onto the traditional ways of life by passing them on to future generations.

It is about not letting our lands become scattered with solar panels or windmills and putting neighbor against neighbor and that ‘money’ speaks louder than common sense.

I feel America is in a mess right now due to certain leaders and everyone I speak to seems to see this.

Do we need more mess? Do we need to lose more of our freedoms by making companies from China build new green energies?

Who’s going to clean up the mess? Who’s going to fight them?

No, we are not a mob. I am one of the very concerned citizens with voices based on research and facts.

As a Goodlander, I love the lands and always support the farmers; no farmers no food as the saying goes. Dairy farmers and crop farms are American farms.

I thank God for the concerned citizens here and for the Goodland Township Board which cares, listens to and weighs the facts.

It’s a good land. Let’s keep it that way folks.

— Theresa Orlowski
Goodland Twp.