Dear Editor,

The Township Board represents the voters of Goodland, so I’m writing to you to ensure that at your upcoming board meeting on the solar issue that you don’t forget to represent us farmers, business owners, and patriots who support clean energy. Property ownership and our property rights are the Republican bedrock that our country is founded upon. In today’s ever changing economy, we need diversified sources of energy and diversified sources of income to survive – that’s neither a Republican, nor Democratic position, but an American right!

I encourage you to stand firm, resist this self-serving mob that’s demanding you, our local government officials, to overreach, interfere, and punish those of us who have worked hard, paid our taxes, and played by the rules. Don’t give in to their demands to abuse your power and take our rights away.

I, and many others, elected you to make decisions that benefit the majority, and not cave to vocal factions shouting emotional rhetoric. I cannot stress enough that the township has already spent time and our tax dollars adopting a solar ordinance that is working for the township.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

— Jeff Siegler
Goodland Twp.
(One of the last family dairy farms in Lapeer County that is left!)